Meet Our Pastor

What a journey we have been on since the Lord called us here to College Station in 2010. We are a home missions work. My wife and I, along with our kids moved to College Station, having left our home, families, friends and our church to start this work from the ground up. We started in our living room for the first year. After the first year to the date, we moved into a little 20×20 storage facility and also baptized our first soul in the lovely name of Jesus.

After being in the storage facility for about three and half years, in April 2015 we re-located to our current facility. God grew the church, many miracles have and are still taking place!

We are now in our 12 th year here in College Station. Many ministries have developed such as:

Children’s classes (2-6, 6-12, 13-17), small groups (young adults, young married, and seasoned), prison, and Spanish translation.

God has been so good to us! I would like to personally invite you to our services! On Sundays, you can expect explosive worship, evangelistic preaching, altar call (which the altar is always open), kids power hour (potty trained – 11yrs ). On Wednesday’s we have our bible studies which are so awesome and informative, sometimes through power point format unless the Lord leads to preach.

Wednesday’s also is our youth class where they can learn life lessons and have some great discussion. Many who have visited our service have testified, you can feel the power of God upon entering the sanctuary. To God be Glory! Our church is a multi-culture church, you can expect the worship to be in English and Spanish just about every service.

We are very family oriented. We do just about everything together. Meeting for fellowships at one another’s home is a common thing for us. We pray, sing songs, cook, and have some laughs. We truly are like family!

Come and see for yourself, and receive New Life!

Pastor M. Luna