I am so blessed and honored to be apart of NLAC, I love my church and I love motivating my youth group to live for God as young as they are. Ever since day one, I could see so much potential in these teens and I could see how strong they would become living for God. It was a journey breaking some chains and opening them up to talk about God but God can do all things and helped me motivate them and give them the confidence to live for God.

It,s a joy teaching them and they have come a long way from having too much pride and being really shy and defensive about themselves to becoming a strong youth group with a lot of questions about God and how God is really moving in their lives. They have grown quite a bit spiritually. “Little by little they changed and didn’t even know,” some of the teens say. A lot of them say that talking to God is like getting weight off their shoulders they feel relief and they feel more confident to live for God. They have so much influence on their friends because they bring them left through right to church and they are a big influence to them because they see the change in them.

New Life Apostolic Church